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For three generations, the Tam family has been brewing soy sauce through the traditional way in Weng Fatt Food Industries Sdn Bhd. Starting from a family business, Weng Fatt paved its way into the F&B industry by providing high quality products to the market. The word “Weng”, taken from a phrase in the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor, represents prosperity. “Fatt” represents the spread of fame and promotion of the business, while at the same time representing to as the process of fermentation of soy sauce. Since 1950s, Weng Fatt has insisted in using the all-natural and traditional way to produce a mellow soy sauce with lustrous colours, thick and rich taste. This traditional brewing process is complicated, which results in higher cost as it cannot be mass-produced. However, the taste of the sauce is unmatched among its machine-produced peers. To produce high quality soy sauce, Weng Fatt only uses non-GMO soybeans, and uses a higher proportion of soybeans in the brewing process, hence the fragrant soy aroma present in both taste and smell.  


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